How many messages/ profile visits I can do per day?

How many messages/ profile visits I can do per day?

This is a very difficult question to answer this question. It is like asking how fast should I walk or drive (pun intended here -:) Many self-proclaimed experts claim to know this, but are based on pure guesstimate and luck. LinkedIn algorithm controls this number and is dynamic depending on following list (indicative but not exhaustive):


  1. Age of your account
  2. Completeness of your profile
  3. Premium LinkedIn subscriptions e.g Sales Navigator etc
  4. How active you have been recently – browsing profiles, contributing articles etc not just sending messages
  5. How many rejections you get when you send connection requests
  6. How many invites are pending
  7. Social Selling Index or SSI (as measured by LinkedIn is the best scale – higher the SSI, more messages you can send)


We strongly recommend the following:

  1. Ensure your profile is complete to the best of your knowledge
  2. Start slow like sending 20-30 messages to start with (esp. if the profile is new) at least for a month or so, gradually increase it to 100 or so.
  3. Don’t send messages for the sake of sending messages – quality beats quantity anytime
  4. Make sure you are shortlisting the right people (narrow down as much as you can) before you send the message to avoid rejections, pending requests etc
  5. Send personalized messages with varied content
  6. Engaging people with insights drives the acceptance of connection requests


At Linkedofy, we have put some control mechanism to help you. Some examples are as below:

  1. Multiple templates to vary messages
  2. Not cloud based, but laptop/PC based
  3. Mimics human behavior – dynamic time gaps between messages etc
  4. Recalls pending connection requests when you want.

Remember that it is your LinkedIn account and your business depends on it.

For exhaustive list of features, please refer to